About Us

On top of a healthy obsession with music, Christina Morgan-Meldrum has over 20 years’ experience in organisational change management and coaching, so she knows better than most what is required to get an idea to the implementation phase.

Christina’s passion is to match smart ideas with inspiring creativity, and she loves it when a simple plan has the ability to change people’s lives. The world is full of uniqueness, and Christina has made it her mission to give light to each and every creative idea.

Christina is fascinated by good design, but not in the traditional sense; it could be the design of a business theory, a good process design, the design of a pair of shoes, modern art, or her most favourite thing in the world – the design of a song that speaks to us like never before.

As the author of Working Your Mojo, Christina has documented a 6-track process for allowing musicians to gain clarity around their music career, and teaches them how to implement their ideas into a tangible action plan, playing your music your way. Working Your Mojo is written for musicians who are not getting the results they were expecting or for those just starting out in their music careers who need some focus on where to begin.

Christina is relentless in her search for new and interesting ideas that make sense and are easy to apply. Using the ideas she uncovers in her research and through the ideas of the musicians she works with, Christina helps them progress their music careers and success much further than they ever imagined.