About Us


Christina Morgan-Meldrum (CMM) is an author, speaker, curator, podcaster and helps people start and scale side hustles, especially creatives and musicians, by unearthing what’s possible and working with you to make it happen

Christina has cultivated the ability to walk into any industry, see what is not seen, distil what is complicated, and simplify the chaos.  This skill has been forged in a deliberate and concentrated way for over 20 years, through Personal Coaching and working in Organisational Change Management (before it was even a discipline).

Christina grew up in country NSW (Bathurst) and spent holidays either on her grandfather’s orchard in Mudgee or at her cousins and grandmothers in Kandos, and still thinks of herself as a country girl.

A degree in Business and Graduate Certificate in Change Management, backs up her practical experience, which has culminating in celebrating 10 years (this year) with her consultancy and coaching company Incahoots.

She started experimenting with sides hustles in 2010, starting a T-shirt design company – Yellow & Co, Ideas coaching practice – Ideas Coach and Ideas Café. Then she started coaching musicians and other creatives on how to be more entrepreneurial, resulting in her writing a book called Working your Mojo. (available in digital and hard copy at Amazon etc)

Christina fills her time, coaching people on their side hustles, blogging, podcasting – Quirky & Chenille (Christina is Quirky), learning the piano, while working on Change Management gigs.  If you are looking for her, she is likely at her spiritual home JB Hi-Fi or exploring stationary stores or artisan markets.