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Below is a synopsis of the book Working Your Mojo: Entrepreneurial Thinking for Musicians.

What is Working Your Mojo about?

How frustrating is it to work really hard on something, only to find that it’s going nowhere? You start to question whether you have any talent at all, right? I find that this often happens to musicians, who are in the business of creating something different and unique all the time. Gone are the good old days when you could create something and get exposure pretty quickly, reaching your moment in the sun.

There is a real dichotomy happening at present. On the one hand, things appear stacked against you. The industry deals are going to the tried-and-tested approaches and you can’t get on an international tour unless you are signed with a label. There are far fewer venues in the first place for you to play in and get exposure, building your fan base. Music is being streamed for free: all your blood, sweat and tears… for free! Big festivals where you might be heard are closing down in favour of smaller ones.

On the other hand, there’s an opportunity to do things your way, particularly through social media. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, mean that you can connect directly to your fans and create a real vibe around your tribe. People from anywhere in the world can access and download your music instantly without waiting for the CD to arrive in store or by post. You can make decisions and drive your music the way you want, launching independently and still achieving success.

So how to do you capitalise on the advantages of now, while trying to minimise the downsides?

In their purest and simplest form, musicians are mini entrepreneurs. They create music that has never been created before and try releasing it to a market that might or might not be ready for it. It makes complete sense that they need an approach with structure, which drives them to greater success while preserving their creative integrity.

Working Your Mojo leads musicians through a step-based process of entrepreneurial, experimental thinking to define and drive them to carve out the area of the music business which has their name written all over it. The process helps them get clear on who they are, where they’re heading, and what things to focus on in future. It helps them craft a path unique to them, which doesn’t rely on outdated, one-size fits all methods. Because this is Your Music, Your Way.

Apart from being obsessed with music all my life, I have worked in the organisational change space for 20 years, and know better than most what’s required to get an idea to implementation. I constantly scan the latest thinking to find the freshest ideas that will make the biggest impact. Not so long ago, a very happy set of circumstances brought a band to my attention. They weren’t sure what they needed, but they were told I might be able to help. We worked through what they wanted and exactly what they needed to get them going on the right path, and through working together we achieved success.

There are some common challenges faced by musicians, do any of the following apply to you and your music?

  • Using a scatter-gun approach to gigs and other opportunities; firing in all directions, hoping something will stick?
  • Getting stuck in perfection paralysis, which means you don’t create enough cut-through and buzz?
  • You never have enough time to write and create? This is why you do what you do! Without feeding the soul with music, other parts of the music business can be a real drag

Working Your Mojo addresses these problems and more, by working with a model that has the old adage at its core: ‘if you don’t know where you’re going, then any path will do’. The Working Your Mojo approach ensures that musicians are not locked in. Things can and do change, but having some direction is better than having none at all.

Working Your Mojo provides examples of what other musicians do, but without instructing you to do the same or to follow in their path. The funny thing is, even if you did everything they did step-by-step and action-by-action, you would not achieve the same results anyway. Too many things would be different; the era, technology, venues, and the music industry in general. So you really need to do what’s right for you by concentrating on what it is that makes you unique. After that, it’s a case of amplifying those qualities. This framework helps you create a solid foundation. Once your foundation is in place, you can explore opportunities more freely and refine and adjust things to fit as you go along. It means you’ll be focusing on what makes the most sense to you at the time, rather than what you did in the past or what some other artist is doing.

So, if you’re a musician and you’re struggling to get traction, or if you feel like you’ve lost direction, get on the right track by acting as an entrepreneur with your music. This will drive it to the outcome you both want and expect, and music lovers will thank you for it!

Our model has the following tracks:

Track-1aTrack 1 – Get clear on what you want – In this track we get clear on where you are now. Why? Well, if you were giving someone directions the first thing you would ask the person is where they are now. The same goes for your music business. Then you move onto where you want to head to. It’s easier to work out actions and steps if we know where we’re heading. It’s also amazing how that level of focus means that stuff just happens.


Track-2aTrack 2 – Be Yourself – You wouldn’t want to be anyone else, would you? The better you understand your quirks & curiosities, the easier it is to build a brand around your unique personality. With that brand you can stand out from the crowd and attract and build a tribe.


Track-3a-1Track 3 – Find your fans – Building on track 2 and borrowing from the actions in track 4, this is where we see what we can do to attract more fans, by using what it is that makes you special and unique. Remember always that fans recruit fans; so what your current fans are attracted to, your new fans will be, too.


Track-4aTrack 4 – Generate ideas – Let’s get creative! The idea here is to generate as many ideas as possible – the crazier and more unexpected, the better. Many techniques exist to help generate ideas, so we’ll use as many as we can to find those which work for you. Evaluation comes later, so at this stage let’s Go Wild!


Track-5aTrack 5 – Test those ideas – Now comes evaluation. We select the best and brightest ideas and then design a juicy experiment around them. We create a structure to help you know which idea really delivers the goods, and build upon that.


Track-6aTrack 6 – Build a support team – Some things just need to be done, so this track is about dealing with the basic business things like financial support to get you sorted. It also looks at how to find the right people to help you. By addressing this, your time will be freed up to focus on more of the stuff you’re brilliant at. That is, writing music!


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Already have the book – looking for the freebies?

Working Your Mojo covers a few different things you can download and use willy-nilly.

The first of these is the Values List.

Listing your values is helpful as a starting point if you’re unsure about what you values are, or you can’t find the words to describe them – we’ve all been there, but this is crucial to figuring out what you’re all about and how you will drive your own music forward!

Values List