Change Management Facilitation

Incahoots specialises in providing positive, innovative and lasting change – that’s fun!

With a background in facilitation, coaching, consulting and project management, Incahoots can deliver what’s required to get the best outcomes for your business.

Incahoots uses whatever the most appropriate method and tools are for our clients and the change they desire, rather than relying upon one methodology to deliver everything. The Incahoots knowledge bank had been supported by post-graduate qualifications in Change Management (AGSM Graduate Certificate in Change Management) as well as accreditation by the Change Management Institute and design thinking from Stanford.


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Expertise in:

  • Organisational Change Practice development and capability uplift
  • Change Management Office establishment and operationalising
  • Development and embedding of Innovation programs
  • Mentoring and coaching around change, project management and consultation
  • Management of a program for change with the best outcomes for the business, including strategic portfolio management
  • Troubleshooting change and project initiatives or roadblocks

Facilitation and design of workshops are for either a specific outcome or as part of a project lifecycle. Examples include post-implementation review workshops, and education around Change Management.