Incahoots offers the following services:

For Musicians – Working Your Mojo is a 6-track process designed to enable musicians to drive their music career their way. The model is explained in our book, Working Your Mojo, and is offered in a 30-week program or one-on-one. If you’re ready to take charge and drive your music career your way, then this program is for you. More details about the program and the 6 tracks can be found on the link below – Working Your Mojo.

For Artisans – Using the same principles in the Working Your Mojo book, we apply the lens to the challenges artisans face. This gives you a path to deliver your unique creations in a society that has become homogenised. This 6-track program is only offered as  a one-on-one coaching program for artisans at the moment. More details about one-on-one coaching are listed under the link below – One-On-One Coaching

For Corporations – If you are ready to deliver organisational change that is not only sustainable but delivers on benefits. Let’s face it, that’s the reason you embarked upon this in the first place. Incahoots uses fit-for-purpose methodology and tools which make change not only lasting, but fun! More information is available under the link below – Change Management Facilitation. Or for a confidential chat, please contact