Working Your Mojo

We love working with musicians (especially bands) to help them carve out their piece of the music biz, through the application of entrepreneurial thinking.


Working your Mojo is a 6-track process that helps you get super clear on who you are and who you’re not, and what you want out of your music; including a diagnostic of your past wins and challenges.

Unlike other programs, Working Your Mojo puts you in the driving seat by not following in someone else’s shoes. You will create your way, in a style that matches you and your music, focusing upon your unique approach to things. And all without sacrificing your creative integrity.

The tracks help you address the three common challenges for musicians:

Challenge 1: Firing in all directions, hoping something will stick

You’re so keen to have your voice heard, you apply for every festival and jump on any gig going. It means that you’re spending a lot of time trying different things out just to see what fits. Excellent if you get it right, but it can be disappointing and demoralising if you keep getting rejections, or just don’t find any traction. You start to wonder if anyone’s out there, and if you’re wasting your time.

Challenge 2: Perfectionism paralysis

Practice makes perfect, right? Perfection is basically a job requirement for a musician. However, in today’s overcrowded and noisy market, you need to be able to create cut-through and buzz more than ever. How do you create interest, without sacrificing your creative integrity?

Challenge 3: Not enough time to write and create

You find that the very thing that feeds your soul is always the last thing that you’re able to find time to do. You spend so much time applying for gigs and festivals and doing the social media thing and chasing up on people that were meant to get back to you, let alone planning for gigs and recording, there’s simply no time to stop and create something.

Want to find out more?

Please email or you can download the brochure here….Mojo Brochure Online

You can also buy the book, which walks through all of the six tracks mentioned above.

Want something more face to face?

We do this through a 6-track program that goes from ‘what do you really want?’ to ‘building your team’. We run this program over 30 weeks to give you the chance to test new ideas and build up your knowledge and skills step-by-step, rather than cramming your head full of advice in a few short days.

We then layer the goodness by working with you in groups, capitalising on the unique and varied skills of the group.

We even start at a respectable time!